Alice’s Curious Labyrinth #rideVmovie

Going to a Disney park is great because you get to immerse yourself into the stories of your favourite films through amazing rides and attractions. Some rides live up to their origin material, and some maybe don’t quite reach that standard. Then there are even the films that were based off the attractions… Throughout this series of posts we’ll pit attraction against film as we work out which is better- ride or movie!

And we’re starting with a joyous Disneyland Paris attraction:

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth


I’ve always been a fan of Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. My version growing up was recorded off the TV, and the tape is probably pretty worn with age (but must have some classic old Australian TV advertisements on it for places like World4Kids and products I desperately wanted like ‘Chip Away Dinosaurs.’)

I remember thinking as child that when Alice entered the maze belonging to the Queen of Hearts, I wanted to join her. Despite being chased by crazed cards, I thought it looked kind of fun.

Well at Disneyland Paris my childhood dreams came true, because in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth you finally get the chance to run through the maze.

In that sense, you do really get immersed into the world of the film, and cleverly the maze walks you through the plot of the film, meeting all your favourite characters along the way. It’s also not the world’s most simple maze. I’ve definitely got lost a few times, and then stumbled upon a Queen Of Hearts who pops out of nowhere and berates you… I’m assuming about losing your head (it’s in French…fitting really…)

You also get to climb my favourite Disney parks castle at the end- yep, I know, controversial, but I LOVE that the Queen Of Heart’s castle resides in the centre of the maze, and in this park. It’s cartoony, kooky, bulbous towers are so much fun, and there’s a great view from it too.

IMG_8461.JPGI think to be more like the film there could have been some play with scale reminiscent the ‘Drink Me’/’Eat Me’ scenes, and while it’s filled with great photo opportunities that immerse any Alice fan into the world, at the end of the day, I think the film is still more enjoyable.

Meanwhile the Alice In Wonderland film is such an iconic classic of the Disney vaults. It’s a colourful, friendly version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, that blends elements of her Curious Adventure and Through The Looking Glass with tuneful, iconic music, and beloved characters. The Mad Hatter and The Cheshire Cat are stand out, and there’s wonderful, absurd creatures, such as animals merged with tools, bread and butterflies, and more! It’s a film filled with joy and madness, and reminds us all that imagination can be wonderful escapism.

The unusual Disney Park attraction is something fun and different, especially for those that don’t enjoy rides, it immerses you into the world of the film, at your own speed and pace, and is filled with all your favourite characters. But nothing beats the classic film, at least not until they let you build a watch out of butter, sugar and jam midway through the maze.

Immersion: 8/10
Thrill: 3/10 (Mainly for when the Queen pops up and scares you)
Iconic Moments: 9/10
Makes You Want To Watch The Film Again: Yes
Film or Ride: Film


What are your thoughts?

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