5 Attractions We Ride Multiple Times At Disneyland Paris

We’ve all got them, a group of favourite attractions that we ride again, and again, and again! They’re often classics beloved by generation after generation, and they’ve had us queuing for hours just to have another go. So today I thought I’d go through 5 of our favourite Disneyland Paris attractions that see us jumping off and jumping back on again.

IMG_0638.jpg5. Indiana Jones And The Temple of Peril
It’s a contentious one, especially if you’ve discovered the Temple Of The Forbidden Eye at Disneyland in California, but we LOVE The Temple Of Peril. It’s a great fun, outdoor coaster, in a set of parks where a lot of the coasters are indoors. This means you get some fantastic views of the park, especially at dusk when the castle and Discoveryland are all lit up. Because it’s also at the far end of Adventureland we often find we can walk on and off this ride, making it a perfect thrill ride for multiple spins (or should I say loops?)

4. Snow White’s Scary Adventures
IMG_6540.jpgSometimes you just can’t beat a classic, and whilst Hollie always enjoys the fairground scene in Pinocchio’s dark ride, it’s the creepiness of Snow White’s Scary adventures that wins fourth place in my opinion. Somehow every time, even though I know she’s coming the haggard witch saying ‘Shiny Pomme’ scares me every time! And those Trees! Hollie even thought she saw blood on the end of one of the tools of the seven dwarves during the finale tableau, which meant we had to ride it another two times to check (we’ll not spoil it by saying whether it was or not, you’ll have to ride to find out.) Again, we generally ride when the queues are pretty quiet so you can hop on and off quickly, it’s also a great way to get out of any rain.

3. Space Mountain: Mission 2
IMG_0662.JPGThe queue usually moves pretty quickly for the high octane space coaster (this is a major reason why all of our multi rides come from Disneyland Park rather than Walt Disney Studios where lines just seem massive all the time.) Anyone that has ridden Space Mountain in California is in for a shock, I knew I didn’t remember having to wear a shoulder restraint in Anaheim! But the loops, corkscrews, and speeding through space in the amazing Jules Verne themed centre piece of Discoveryland always leaves us on a buzz, and that’s why we’re proud, card carrying members of the Baltimore Gun Club.

IMG_87242. Phantom Manor
My favourite ride in all of Disneyland Paris sits atop Boot Hill, yes, foolish mortals, it’s Phantom Manor. Even when the queue is long outside, you can position yourself in the stretching room so you’re first to board your doom buggy inside. Then you’re free to enjoy the happy haunts. It’s generally the last ride we hop on before leaving the parks on our last day, after we’ve ridden it enough times to get that haunting tune stuck in heads til death do us part!


1. Peter Pan’s Flight
IMG_0266.jpgAnd now finally, the number one ride we try to go on as many times as possible- Peter Pan’s Flight. We missed it at Disneyland due to the long lines, but careful fast pass planning allows you to jump aboard a flying pirate ship multiple times throughout the day at DLP. It’s Hollie’s favourite ride, and it really is magical, flying over London, through a field of stars, and then finally on to Neverland, it’s a blissful experience. And exactly how much does Hollie love Peter Pan’s flight? This was her face when we discovered it was closed for renovations on our last DLP jaunt. That said, we’re totally excited to see the work that’s been done on this fantastic ride the next time we visit.

Top Tips For The Best Multiple Ride Experiences:

  • Do some decent planning! Quieter days mean shorter lines, and don’t forget a lot of rides are inside, so don’t let going to the parks in winter when it might be a little wetter put you off. Try to avoid school holidays, and not just the ones in your own home country.
  • Make use of Fast Pass. It’s free! Get your allotted time and skip the queues! Once you’re off the ride- get another one!
  • Extra Magic Hours can be magical! There might not be that many rides open during Extra Magic Hours, but it gives you a good chance to get a few spins on the Tea Cups or Space Mountain under your belt before the park gets swamped! If you’re staying at a Disney Hotel or have an Annual Pass you get this added park time.
  • Single Rider Line. Some rides are so busy they have single rider lines which move MUCH quicker. Ratatouille is a classic example- each car holds six people and most groups consist of two people, so four seats get taken up quick leaving two extra, one in the front and one in the back. Save yourself 40 minutes or more and get in the single rider line, you might even find yourself in the same Rat Pack as your pal!

So those are some of our favourite rides to enjoy multiple times, and a few little tips to improve your next trip to Disneyland Paris. What are your favourite attractions to ride multiple times? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Ducknmouse!

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