Review | The Disneyland Paris Pineapple Whip

DuckI tried Disney’s famous Dole Whip on my second visit to Disneyland in 2014. To be honest I’m not a crazy fan of pineapple, so it hadn’t bothered me before, but once I tried that delicious, sweet yet tart, pineapple soft serve, I knew my life would never be the same. Recently rumour spread like wild fire around the internet that Dole Whip would be coming to Disneyland Paris (the park that probably suffers the most from a lack of exciting Disney food…ironically in a country famous for it’s food.) However, Dole Whip was not what the citizens of DLP got. Instead they got Pineapple Whip- basically a Dole Whip float, but no pineapple soft serve. Instead it’s just vanilla.

And how does that compare to real Dole Whip? Well we decided we had to give it a go on our most recent visit to DLP, and filmed a review for your benefit.

If after that video you’re feeling hungry for some tropical goodness, why not try making your own Dole Whip?


This video was shot on our June 2016 visit to Disneyland Paris. There’s more video from that trip to come! Why not subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out?

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One thought on “Review | The Disneyland Paris Pineapple Whip

  1. Most of the ingredients in Dole Whip are artificial and not allowed in the EU. It’s a shame they couldn’t have found pineapple ice cream though!

    DLP isn’t big on snacks because French people typically have 3-course meals and don’t really snack. The fine dining at DLP is superb, I never have room for snacks!

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