Bake These Monsters Inc Themed Cupcakes!

13342027_10210048035106080_691777668_nMonsters Inc is Sean’s favourite Pixar Film, it has lots of loveable characters and a great storyline. We thought it would be fun to do some Disney themed baking, and came up with these Sulley cupcakes, which have a secret surprise inside! Watch the video to see us making them, and then follow along with the recipe below to make your own cupcakes at home.
You’ll need…
For the Cakes
Stuff You'll Need150g Butter
150g Caster Sugar
150g Flour
3 Eggs
2 Tea Spoons Vanilla Extract
Blue and Purple Food colouring

For the Butter Cream Icing
140g Butter
280g Icing Sugar
1 Table Spoon of Water
1 Tea Spoon Vanilla Extract
Blue and Purple Food Colouring

Preheat your oven to 170 degrees. Combine the butter and the caster sugar, until relatively smooth. Add the vanilla extract for flavour, and beat into the mix. Crack your eggs and add into the mix, whisking the mix together until it’s as smooth as possible.

D&M TIP: It’s always good to crack your eggs into a separate bowl first rather than straight into the mix just in case you have any rotten eggs!

Add the self raising flour, whisking as you go, ensuring that the batter is now as smooth as can be. That will help your cakes be lovely and airy.

Mouse BakingDivide your cake batter into two smaller bowls, 70% of the batter in one, 30% in the other. Add blue food colouring to the larger amount of batter, and purple food colouring to the smaller amount. Mix the colour in. Continue to add colour until you reach the desired Sulley colourings.

D&M TIP: We found our blue came out a jade green at this point in the process, but cooked into the perfect blue!

Line a muffin tin with cupcake cases and fill the bottom of each case with a layer of blue batter. Then with a spoon add two dollops of purple batter to either side of the cupcake case. Finally cover the top of the cakes with another dollop of blue batter. Ideally the cupcake cases should be 3/4 full, as the mixture will rise.

D&M TIP: For more fun than just spots inside the cake, swizzle a knife through the mixture to create a marbled effect.
IMG_6476Place your cupcakes in the oven to bake for 14 minutes, whilst you prepare the buttercream icing. Once the cakes start to brown, place some aluminium foil over the top, this will stop them from colouring too much. Soften the butter, and sift in the icing sugar. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract for flavour if you’d like. Beat together so it becomes smooth. Add the water so that the icing becomes less solid and easier to pipe. You can also use milk if you’d prefer.

Once again you want to divide your mix into two bowls, 70/30. Add blue colouring to the larger amount, and purple to the smaller amount. Mix the colour in until desired result appears. Ensure you let your cakes cool before icing them. We popped ours in the fridge for a little bit to help the process along.

Place icing into a piping bag or piping tool. Add blue icing first in splotches all over the cakes, leaving blank spaces for purple spots. We used a wavy piping head. With a fork ‘fluff’ the icing to create a furry appearance. Using a star piping head now pipe the purple spots into the fur, filling the gaps you’ve left. Ta-dah! Your cupcakes should be looking a lot like our favourite blue and purple scarer!

Of course the best part is still to come. When you bite into the cake you’ve got a whole colourful surprise waiting for you on the inside!

Now we think these cupcakes need a best buddy… how about some green Mike cookies? We’ll teach you how to make them very soon!

Monsters Inc Treats

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