5 Of Our Favourite Disney Things

13342027_10210048035106080_691777668_nThis morning we released our first Vlog!

As a little introduction to us we thought we’d share with you five of our favourite Disney things that we own. As we like to keep our videos short and snappy we thought we’d go into a little more detail about why we love these things here on our blog.


Sean’s Favourite Things:
1. Vintage Disneyland Wonderground Gallery Art
I love the Wonderground gallery, there are some awesome pieces of art by some really cool artists. It’s a place where you can pick up something Disney that isn’t like everything else in the park. I love the old vintage style posters they make for the attractions, and when I saw this piece I had to get it. It hangs proudly in our bedroom.

Duffy Bear2. NYC Christmas Duffy Bear
I got Duffy Bear on my first big international trip with my friends. We went to New York in 2008, just before Christmas. It was an amazing and magical time to visit, especially because the 5th Avenue Disney Store still existed. A beautiful shop with all the careful design of a Disney park, so much better than the new store in Times Square. Duffy seemed like the perfect keepsake for my first trip to NYC, my first White Christmas, and a reminder of that original Disney Store magic.

3. Walt Disney Imagineering Book
13348712_10210048022425763_1299560436_nHollie got me this book for my birthday. I’d seen it at Disneyland and *really* wanted it. However I didn’t get this incredible read on my birthday, or anywhere near my birthday! Hollie had bought the book off Amazon but had forgot to change her address from London to our address in Brisbane, so copy number 1 swung it’s way to London. Too heavy to post normally, Hollie decided to order another copy, but it came by sea, and didn’t arrive until February. A good two months after my actual birthday. When it came time to return to the UK we realised this book was too heavy to take with us, so we donated copy number 2 to our friend Jarrod, and picked up Copy Number 1 from Hollie’s old housemate in London. Now it’s back in my possession, and I’m  never letting it go!

4. Kermit The Frog Posable Plush
Kermit PlushThere’s nothing like rummaging through a car boot sale to try and find some bargains. On this day I was scouting for some Muppety goodness and came across not 1 but 2(!!!) Kermit The Frogs. One was an old Corgi metal car with Kermit driving, the other this posable plus. I paid a decent amount for the car, as I figured it would be worth something, posable Kermit was a mere 50p. I got him because he was a bargain. Turns out the posable frog actually pre-dates the Disney buyout by a long shot (so maybe this is cheating?) and is actually worth a decent amount of money. Much more than the Kermit in a car too.

5. Disneyland Mickey Ears
Mickey EarsI missed out on getting Ears on my first Disneyland visit, and it was my biggest regret. My argument was that I’d never wear them again. When I went to Disneyland Paris for the first time I thought I’d grab some there, but that was when I found out- THEY DON’T SELL THEM! So now I had a huge amount of regret about not getting them. That was rectified on my return to Disneyland in 2014. I bought Mickey ones to match Hollie, and they have my name sewn on the back. As we say in the video we wear them to every Disney outing.

Hollie’s Favourite Things:

Sadness Tsum Tsum1. Sadness Tsum Tsum
I work super close to a Disney store, score, and when I am having a down day I go in there and I will treat myself or Sean (still just for me disguised as a gift for Sean) to some Disney fun. We were pretty pumped when we saw Inside Out, and really loved Sadness and Joy so they were a pretty easy pick!

Also look at her little snuggly jumper. TOO. CUTE.


2. Giant Plush Minnie Mouse

Minnie PlushMinnie is the best, she is the best snuggler in the whole world. He head is the perfect size to get a full snuggle out of. It is fantastic. She lived in our lounge for a long time after we moved in so she is pretty much part of the family now.



3. Cone Cup




(Note from Sean: When Hollie and our good friend Jarrod got these cups I was off taking pictures around Cars Land, when I came back I found the pair of them casually sipping from these cones, when I asked them what they were they simply responded “What are what?” and continued to pretend I was seeing things for the rest of the day… Sigh.)

Disney Blanket4. Disney Blanket/Sofa Duvet

Clearly a theme emerging here, I love to snuggle. The sofa duvet is the greatest snuggle companion in the world, it was perfect in the winter and super nice to lounge on the floor watching movies on!

(Note from Sean: Sofa Duvet is a completely made up thing that Hollie wants to catch on. It’s just a blanket. Don’t let her funny phrasing confuse you.)

13330323_10210048021625743_1756935087_n5. Disneyland Minnie Mouse Ears

Boy was Sean wrong about never having another occasion to wear our ears! We have worn them to every trip to a Disney park and every Disney related excursion since we got them. Sometimes just around the house. They’re the cutest things in the world. We even managed to wear them in Australia, where there’s not a Disney park of any kind, by popping them on when Disney on Ice came to visit us in Brisbane.


We hope you enjoyed watching our first video, if you did give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe as we’ll have lots more videos coming soon. We’d also love to know what your favourite Disney item is! Why not let us know in a comment either on the video or on here.

Thanks for watching!


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