To All Who Come To This Special Place…


We are Duck and Mouse, better known as Sean and Hollie.
We dig Disney.
(Hollie says she digs it the most!)

We met while we both lived in London. Hollie is British and Sean is Australian and we’ve lived all over the world.¬†After 9 months living on the opposite side of the planet to one another we reunited at¬†Disneyland in California and now we’re annual pass holders at Disneyland Paris!

Sean really enjoys the Imagineering aspect to Disneyland. Hollie mainly enjoys riding Peter Pan’s Flight a hundred times a visit.

IMG_6215.jpgOur house is (tastefully) full of Disney thingamabobs, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sean’s favourite Disney film is The Emperor’s New Groove, Hollie’s is Hercules.

Sean loves Donald. Especially grumpy Donald.
Hollie loves Ariel, The Little Mermaid.

When not absorbing Disney content we can be found making children’s theatre or selling wedding dresses and stationery.

We hope to bring you lots of tips, tricks and fun from our various Disney adventures around the world. Thanks for joining us!